Cleaning & Disinfection

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Cleaning & Disinfection

Surgical Scrub Sink - TSAK 400PW

  • Top of the line scrub sink made of SS304G stainless steel with satin finish and most optimal RA value.
  • Three water tap and three hand scrub tap.
  • Automatic hands free / knee operated water and hand scrub.
  • Curved joints to avoid microbial deposition and growth, ensuring perfect hygiene and ease of cleaning.
  • Front knee panels are easily openable for refilling the hand scrub / routine maintenance.
  • The unit is wall mounted for easy cleaning of the floor.
  • Dimension : 93”L x 29”W x 44”H
  • Water gun with 8 different tips (Optional)
  • ISO 9001-2015 Certified manufacture.

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